Kyrsten Bravo

Director of Admissions and Outreach

Kyrsten is the Director of Admissions and Outreach at Fusion Greenwich. She has always had a passion for education. Math and Science were her favorite subjects growing up. She also studied music and languages. Kyrsten studied Biology at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON and received a Bachelor’s degree. She is certified to teach English as a second language. She has 8 years of experience working one-on-one with students of all ages and learning abilities. Kyrsten is excited to start her journey at Fusion Greenwich.

Kyrsten Bravo was born in Edmonton, Alberta. She has since lived in the Caribbean, the Netherlands, Canada, and eventually settled in the United States. Kyrsten has a large family and has three younger sisters and a younger brother. Kyrsten is Dutch-Canadian and speaks Dutch fluently. She has family and friends spread across the globe, which helps fuel her passion for travel. Kyrsten loves to explore new countries, cities, and cultures around the world. She has traveled all over Europe and North America and she hopes to be able to continue checking countries off of her list. Prague and London are two of her favorite cities. Some of the places high on her list are South Africa, Australia, and Singapore. Kyrsten also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and exploring art.

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