Krysten Yaminy

Director of First Impressions

Krysten is the Director of First Impressions at Fusion South Bay. She earned her B.A. in Communication Studies at California State University, Long Beach. During her studies, Krysten interned for a Public Relations company where she gained a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of her clients, and how to effectively address those concerns. Prior to her internship, Krysten volunteered at a local kid’s camp where she realized how much she enjoyed working with kids and being a mentor.

Krysten enjoys dance and spent the majority of her childhood in dance studios. She took all sorts of classes including ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and tap.  The only thing Krysten loves as much as dance is travelling. She has travelled all over the United States, as well as Turkey, Greece, Canada, and Mexico. She hopes to have the opportunity to travel all over the world throughout her life.

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