Kristen Kalinowski

P.E/ Electives Teacher/ Mentor

Kristen graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a BA in Psychology. After college she began to climb the corporate ladder only to learn that she liked helping individuals instead of companies so she became a Registered 200-Hour Yoga Teacher and a Certified Life Coach- and hasn’t looked back since.

She is a bit of a nomad and calls Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, Minnesota, and now New York her “home”.

Kristen is also the founder of Kristen Elyse Coaching, a life coaching practice catering to those with anxiety who wish to utilize the mind/body connection to live a happier life. With a focus on physical health and mindfulness, her clients regain their sense of self and confidence. She has been featured in The Mighty and PopSugar.

In her free time you can find her in the gym lifting weights, exploring her Chinatown neighborhood and eating as many dumplings as possible, or chilling at home with her cat child.


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