Katrina Sealy


Katrina is excited to join the Fusion family this year as a Humanities and Science teacher. Katrina holds a Forensic Psychology degree and Criminal Justice degree from John Jay College and has successfully accomplished minors in Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology. Katrina is currently in the process of completing her Master’s degree in Education with specializations in School Counseling at Brooklyn College. Katrina is also a proud member of Kappa Delta Pi also known as the International Honor Society in Education.

Katrina has spent the last few years working in the New York City Department of Education as a substitute special education assistant teacher. During this time Katrina was able to develop the skills necessary to assist students with disabilities achieve academic, social and personal success. As a classroom teacher, Katrina has developed a technology based curriculum that merges visual aids and academic content. This technological based curriculum was created by Katrina in order to maximize the academic potential of each student.

When Katrina is not teaching she enjoys spending time traveling and mentoring students on post-secondary options. Katrina is a big believer in community service and spends her free time raising money and volunteering in various nonprofit organizations throughout New York City.

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