Julian Spearman


My name is Julian Spearman. Born and raised in Chicago, I quickly developed interests in several different disciplines. Concert piano, gymnastics, swim team, cross country,  yoga, being a rockstar, science, and  business to name a few. I believe there is so much potential in the human form— an unlimited capacity for endless possibilities! With so many experiences out there yet to try, I often find myself restless.

I began developing an interest in biology when I disappointingly learned there wouldn’t be a cure for my grandpa’s cancer diagnosis. Still to this day, a dream of mine is to one day play even a small role in helping defeat cancer and other diseases like it. After high school internships at Temple University, Drexel Medical School, and the National Institues of Health at Hopkins, I enrolled to SMU to complete my undergrad, completing a bachelor’s in biology in 2015.

I was a math and science tutor at the learning center throughout college and to this day. I even tutored classmates in some classes that I was still enrolled in myself! All the while, I continued to pursue and develop my passions for music and yoga to certifiable levels.

Today my mission is to arm the next generation with the passion, knowledge, and skills they’ll need to stand on our shoulders in hopes that they’ll see where we need to go next!

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