Joshua Jalil

Teacher / Mentor

San Francisco State University, B.A. Cinema, emphasis in Production

Josh was born and raised in Tarzana, California. He grew up an inquisitive and creative person, practicing drawing and painting until getting interested in filmmaking during high school. Heading north to San Francisco for college, he graduated with a degree in Cinema Production. While working in the film industry back in Los Angeles after college, he continued to practice his passion for art, doing work in graphic design as well as writing and creating his own film projects.

As a person passionate about his giant family, working with kids has always been his greatest enjoyment. Using art, he strives to help people learn to open their minds, express themselves, and get in touch with their creativity. This is his most important goal. He believes that creating is as essential to the human experience as eating and breathing, and looks forward to continuing his mission and Fusion Academy.

Hobbies: Basketball, Drawing, Painting, Stand Up Comedy, Technology

Favorite Quote:

“Asante sana, squash banana, we we nugu, mi mi apana.” -Rafiki

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