Joshua Chow

P.E., Life Skills, & Health Teacher/Mentor

Joshua Chow is a Teacher/Mentor/Health Advocate at Fusion Academy Manhattan. He teaches health, yoga, life skills and physical education. A native from the San Francisco bay area, Joshua received his bachelors of science degree at San Jose State University with an emphasis on Nutritional Sciences and concentration on Sports Nutrition.Raised in a very sport-centric suburb, Joshua was involved in a trifecta of little league football, baseball and basketball until the age of 9. Then found the greatest physical outlet in the form of gymnastics and practiced for 12 years and competed for his last three.

Throughout his school years, Joshua become a decorated varsity high school athlete in sports from Volleyball, Badminton, Track & Field, Cross Country, Wrestling, and Football. After high school Joshua moved to Hawaii and he transferred into the outdoor active lifestyle and learned to surf, hike, free dive and became open to the world of Yoga to maintain flexibility. On the island of Hawaii is where eating “well” and eating “right” became a true passion and saw how Sports and Nutrition go hand in hand. Outside of Fusion you can find Josh still doing yoga, enjoying a nice bike ride, training for a marathon, or cooking up a feast for friends and family.

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