Josh Thompson



Josh is a Texas native.  He was born in Amarillo in west Texas but was raised in the DFW metroplex with his mother and two siblings.  He has always loved mathematics, even from a very young age.  He competed in math testing all the way through high school and loved every bit of it.

He attended Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in 2009 and graduated with a B.S. in Physics with a minor in Mathematics in 2015.  He started at Texas State as a music major to learn about and chase his passion for sound technology, but eventually his love for science and math won out.  His favorite part of teaching physics is seeing the students when they finally reach the level of understanding they have worked so hard to achieve.

Josh loves being a nerd.  His favorite pass times are playing crazy board games and learning about the world around him.  His love for physics drives him every day and gives him a unique and wonderful outlook on the world around him.

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