Jonathan Twena

Teacher/ Mentor

Jonathan attended UCSB, with studies abroad in Alaska, New Zealand, and India, and received his degree in Geography. Jonathan began tutoring math in high school and has always enjoyed teaching and working with students. As a substitute teacher, he worked at over 20 schools in the Bay Area, private and public, and saw the need for more individualized education. Jonathan led an after-school math program at Oakland Tech and began his own tutoring business in the East Bay, tutoring math, science, and writing, which was successfully built on referrals. He then left the Bay Area to travel for a year, visiting Eastern Europe, Hawaii, and South America, as well as working as a multi-state wilderness trip leader. Upon returning to the Bay Area, Jonathan joined Fusion Academy as a teacher/mentor and enjoys the creative and unique educational opportunities he can provide. In his work as an educator, Jonathan has seen the importance of motivating students by aligning their education with their passions, as well as helping students strengthen their executive functioning skills and empowering them to take more ownership of their work. As a teacher, Jonathan shares his love for growth and learning with his students. In his free time, he enjoys writing music, dancing, and being outdoors.

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