John Worley

Art Teacher

Since kindergarten, John Worley has been creating art about late 80’s and early 90’s cartoons, such as G.I. Joe, Akira, Gargoyles, and the Simpsons. Always curious, John received firsthand experience of a wildly different culture during a trip to Southeast Asia. John followed in his grandparents’ footsteps and lived in Thailand and Hong Kong for a summer. There, he lived at an orphanage with his aunt and other children who all received special care. He returned back home to rural Texas to attend college in Lubbock (also known as the flattest land in all of the Lone Star state). After graduating from Texas Tech University with his Bachelor in Fine Arts and Masters of Art Education degrees in 2011, John has pursued teaching visual art techniques to those hungry to create art for a contemporary world.
It is with this mix of firsthand experiences of other cultures, and the study of humankind through social media, entertainment media, and art that brought John to his current artistic interests. John’s work conveys information from a screen, transmitted via radio waves or fiber optics, and transforms these little dot formations into carefully layered watercolor. The familiar pictographic information, once part of a news broadcast, a photograph taken somewhere in the world, or an info-graphic map illustrating the growth of mesquite trees across the Southwest, all become composed as if through a blender of ones and zeros. The message is intentionally obtuse, but the elements are all present for those willing to investigate the artwork.

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