John Gralyan


In a world that is changing faster than anyone can keep pace with, we are faced with new challenges requiring a very different skill set than the traditional industrial revolution based system was designed for. I developed a passion for teaching when I realized the potential of education to unlock peoples’ understanding of the evolving world as well as their capacity to influence it. Students today are natives of the digital society that requires less rote skills and more creative talents to solve modern problems. Every person has the ability to make the changes they want to see. I joined the fusion family in order to guide students to their own personal goals.

The basis for my teaching style is the concept that people will open their minds and have an optimal learning experience when they are fully interested and engaged in the process. There has been a wealth of neurological studies supporting this theory, but it should be safe to say this is intuitive to anyone who has taken and reflected on various classes. Students in secondary education particularly understand and value meaningful training because they evaluate its relevance in their own life. My students are always encouraged to be active participants in their learning outside the classroom where the material can actually be used. We do this by discussing their interests and finding connections with the curriculum. We then craft projects that are significant to them in order to practice solving realistic problems as well as applying the material appropriately.

The subjects of particular interest to me are those in the STEM field, each of which has an important place in fun projects as well as the future economy. Science classes allow us to explore, question and make sense of the intuitive world around us. Math allows us to make theoretical models and effectively engineer solutions to complex problems. Computer Science gives us the tools to expand the reach of possibilities beyond our human capabilities. With a basic understanding of the concepts we explore in class, coupled with the power of motivation, nothing is out of reach.

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