Jim Laczkowski


When Jim heard The Beatles as a young child, his path in life was set. Jim teaches music, digital audio recording, psychology and does whatever he can to inspire young minds on a regular basis. He graduated with a B.A in Psychology, earning an Alpha Sigma Lambda status at Elmhust College. He also published a research project surrounding psychology myths and misconceptions. While in college, Jim volunteered at The Chicago Help Initiative, helping the homeless community find joy in music and providing resources and service referrals.

Jim has played bass and piano at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids Michigan, produced several records for independent musicians, including original songs and cover songs under his own moniker. He enjoys hosting his own podcast, watching movies, reading, hiking, swimming laps, and researching neuroscience. As a result of hosting an interview podcast, he has been able to talk with several music heroes and composers, and was allowed backstage on many occasions. His favorite bands include Low, Wilco, The Magnetic Fields and favorite composers include Rachel Grimes, Jon Brion and Miles Davis.

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