Jim Fish

Science and Math Teacher/Mentor

Jim comes to Fusion with an extensive background in undoing the damage many schools do, and reawakening the love of learning that’s a natural part of being human. He has taught for well over ten years in different contexts, and holds a Master of Science in Education, AMI Montessori Certification, along with California Teaching Credentials in Math and Science.

Jim remembers forming a homework-checking group on the playground each morning before school, back in second or third grade. It was so much fun that the children began working ahead in their arithmetic books. When “caught” the children were reprimanded – for learning!

Unable to sit still without squirming and talking, Jim was frustrated by school, and he connects with students who feel the same. At home he had his own basement laboratory, and his heroes to this day include Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, and Buckminster Fuller.

With Invitational and Departmental Honors classes and a Physics major, Jim lasted until his sophomore year at University of Florida, before a total lack of study skills led to his dropping out and then quickly dropping back in again to do it his way, taking any class that appealed, choosing often on the basis of instructor, rather than class. Among other studies, Jim was a pioneer in teaching rats to play basketball.

Jim’s current hobby is oil painting, and his artwork is being shown in gallery exhibits around Marin County. “It’s taken me about a year to get this good with oils, and I have a long way to go. It doesn’t take patience or talent, just commitment.” It’s this sense of commitment that Jim brings to Fusion, and he says that teaching at Fusion is a lot like coming home at last.

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