Jesse Highum


Although a Colorado native, Jesse was raised in Texas. She obtained her BA in Psychology from Texas State University in San Marcos in 2008. She and her husband, Tyler, were called back to Colorado by the songs of the mountains, promising beauty and adventure shortly after they were married. It was in Denver, CO that she completed her yoga teacher certification, although she first came to my mat many years ago as a teenager. The physicality, as well as the mindfulness, of the practice drew her in immediately. She wanted that glow those “yogis” had…plus, she wanted to be able bend her leg over her head. She still working on getting her leg over her head! However, she consistently more aware of the transformational power of yoga and the joy yoga brings into her life each day: Joy in peace of mind, strength of body and awareness of spiritual connection to all others. She and Tyler are very glad to be back “home” in Austin and Jesse is honored to be teaching at Fusion Academy. Her classes provide a safe and supportive opportunity to experience the power of yoga, not only as a physical practice, but as a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Namaste.

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