Jeremy Winn


Jeremy is our illustrious computer science and technology teacher, but enjoys teaching a vast array of subjects including health, engineering, psychology, writing, axe-throwing, and Nerf warfare.  He has 15 years of experience across various teaching roles, earned his M.A. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction at Austin Peay State University, and completed his Ph.D. coursework with the University of Missouri’s Educational, School and Counseling Psychology program, where he specialized in designing experiences and games for learning and wellness.

Jeremy is also an independent game designer who has worked on and lead teams for multiple published titles including Starific!, AtmosPug, and Dr. Panda Town Mall.  Lately he’s trying to take it easy and catch up on his backlog of video games and anime.

Jeremy embodies Fusion!  He believes in being well-rounded, in self-improving, and in trying to be the best possible version of himself, but he also believes that even in the face of serious work, there are few worthwhile things that can’t be accomplished with a smile on your face.  He takes fun very seriously and is perfectly willing to make a fool of himself to make someone laugh.  He’s a sweet heart with a sweet tooth who believes in treating all people with love and compassion until they try to take the last piece of cake (but will still write them a very touching eulogy).

Jeremy’s likes fantastical stories, GOOD donuts, playing and designing games, and occasionally acting like he’s still seven years old.

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