Jeremy Green

Math Teacher/ Mentor

Jeremy was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, 15 minutes from the beach, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to earn his Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Morehouse College. Immediately after graduation, Jeremy taught at Grady High School in Atlanta as a Mathematics teacher for 7 years. In his time at Grady High School, he taught a variety of subject matters at a variety of different classroom structures that include AP, inclusion, college prep, and college prep honors. Jeremy also helped coach the football team and assisted on the chess team. He also assisted in the development of  the school’s initiative to  foster environments for students of similar interests to learn and encourage each other.
In his spare time, Jeremy pursues his other passion, music. He has spent the last five years developing his skills in the field of music production. He earned his associate degree from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. After receiving his degree, he worked in several studios in the Atlanta area as contracted recording engineer.

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