Jena Ardell

Art Teacher/Mentor

Jena Ardell teaches photography, graphic design, and art at Fusion. She is also a professional photographer whose work has been published in Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, and Village Voice (to name a few).


She earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Associates degrees in Writing and French at Susquehanna University, where she was getting more images published in her school’s literary magazine than written work. Jena soon realized that her first love has always been–and will always be–photography. Jena taught herself how to use a DLSR and assisted a handful of commercial photographers in Los Angeles before branching out to obtain her own photography clients.


Jena believes that every one has a creative side and that the happiest people are those who learn how to incorporate creativity into their daily lives. She loves her role as art teacher at Fusion, where she teaches a hands-on approach using professional resources. The best part of her job is empowering students to create work that they are proud of!


When she’s not behind a camera (which is rare), Jena enjoys attending concerts of 90s bands, thrift shopping, coddling the feline love of her life (Miss Gray), and attempting to grow tropical plants indoors.


Fun fact: Jena has traveled across the country by train at least nine times. Would she recommend it? No.

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