James Furness

Science & Math Teacher/Mentor

James was born near Birmingham in the UK, which is somewhere in the middle. At 18 he attended the University of Sheffield to study for a Masters degree in Physics with Astronomy, and got to spend his entire 4th year living on the Canary Island of La Palma (Spain). Following this he decided to do a PhD in Astrophysics, and upon completion in 2009 decided to turn his hand to something he found very enjoyable during his PhD – teaching.

Taking the route to train and qualify on the job, he has accumulated over 3 years of high school teaching experience with a huge variety of students, and also began private tutoring. Wind on a few years and James finds himself in NYC, and following 6 months of private tutoring and searching for the perfect job, he has found it at Fusion Academy!

Outside of his work life, James is basically a sports nut. Whilst participation levels in various sports comes and goes, he has a great knowledge and love for many sports and it has been noticed that he will watch any sport if it is on TV. He also likes to cook and listen to music, is a bit of a joker and enjoys a good laugh.

Whilst on a school field trip at the age of 10, James fell into a canal. The teachers panicked, however he just swam back to the side and got out. He did have to borrow some spare clothes though!

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