Jacquelyn Poarch

Languages Teacher

Jacqui is a Generalist, focusing on World Languages, and English at Fusion. She is a fluent speaker of seven languages, and is functional in five more.


She has had an eclectic education, beginning with degrees in Music (Voice and Opera) from Manhattan School of Music, and Universitaet Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria), and advanced studies in Philology at Stony Brook University, University of Virginia, and Oxford.

She has been a teacher on the middle-, high school, and university levels for over twenty years, and has lived in England, Austria, France, Turkey, and Japan, the latter for five years.  She also founded and was Executive Director of the Bosnia Educational Alliance, formed during the war in Bosnia, in order to extract high school students, and place them in families and schools in the US, in order to allow them the opportunity of a high school education. 908 children benefitted from this venture.  One of her own foster children, Elvir Camdic, is currently the National Security Advisor to the President of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He nearly starved to death in the days before he was taken out of Bosnia.

Jacqui enjoys flying small aircraft, collecting, and using foreign cookbooks, international travel with her daughter, a college student at Manhattanville College, and collecting antiques, especially Japanese Edo and Meiji period porcelain.

Jacqui is one of only a handful of non-native fluent speakers of Icelandic.

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