Jacob Valadez

Director of Homework Cafe

Jacob was born and raised in the Bay Area, attending Los Altos High School. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, San Diego in Literature/Writing in addition to being a student-athlete as a member of the Men’s Soccer for all four years. Upon graduation, Jacob was hired as a substitute teacher at the brand new Fusion Academy Palo Alto campus. Over the past year, he has transitioned through many different roles, eventually accepting the position of Director of Homework Café.

As Director of Homework Café, Jacob’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, making the students’ lives awesome. This takes on various meanings throughout the day. Sometimes it means helping a student with a particularly challenging problem they are stumped by. Sometimes it means playing music and having a dance party. Sometimes it means keeping students on task or mediating conflict. Sometimes it means planning and going on fantabulous field trips. Jacob is excited to be the lead on creating the positive and welcoming Fusion culture with the Palo Alto students.

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys playing games of any kind and is trying to be better about writing consistently. He has a cat named October who only has four teeth and eyes that look like they belong to a T-Rex.

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