Jacob Momsen

Math and Science Department Head

Jacob is a Central Texas native, although his family originates from the islands of Hawai’i (ostensibly, but actually). A graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Jacob took advantage of his liberal arts education and spent considerable time getting his pale hands dirty in various disciplines such as Biology, Psychology, Communications, and Music.  He finished with a B.A. in English and stayed in San Antonio after graduation working as a teacher, therapist, and researcher in different capacities.  Jacob has spent the majority of his life involved in different domains of work all aimed at improving developmental health.  He’s spent years counseling at youth camps, tutoring, working underneath clinical psychologists and behavior specialists, and helping conduct research in developmental cognitive neuroscience at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  While at school, Jacob also worked as a DJ and radio host.  Sound design and production continue to be serious creative endeavors for him and he loves trading music with interested students.  He maintains a very open-door policy for dialog regarding films by Richard Linklater, 17th century metaphysical poetry (never before 10 a.m.), and the San Antonio Spurs.

Jacob believes that education should equip students to be more receptive to the experiences of others, to confidently engage in thoughtful discourse or debate, and to live with mindfulness and a dose of healthy skepticism. Jacob is inspired by creative individuality and believes in preserving an environment in the classroom where everyone remains a student by learning something about the world in each other.

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