Hedieh Saeidi-Razavi

German and Health

Hedi was born in Tehran and moved with her family to Salzburg, Austria at a young age. She studied Chemistry in Vienna and Biomedical Sciences in Salzburg.  She worked as a research assistant at University Hospital of Vienna before moving to the US in 2004. Her lifelong interest in learning led her to take undergrad courses in Speech Pathology, Cognitive Rehabilitation and Holistic Nutrition Health.  She earned a certification as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.

She has a passion to promote social justice, diversity, and humanity, and to promote those values through proper education and strategic planning. Throughout her life, she has volunteered and worked with organizations such as Greenpeace, Fair Trade Organizations, and Amnesty International and taught German to immigrants.  Currently, she also teaches a Kindergarten class at German School of Marin.

She lives with her husband, daughter, and their little puppy in Marin.

In her free time, she enjoys going on hikes, creating new recipes, listening to podcasts in different languages, reading, and traveling with her family to near and far destinations.

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