Graham Pilato

Humanities Teacher/Mentor

Graham has a BA from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and an MFA from the Catholic University of America. He works as a professional actor and a teacher. His professional background in education includes teaching English at a Southern Maryland high school for a few years, but also four years as a tutor in the Washington D.C. area. In his time he has also been a barista at an indie coffee house, a cook at a mainstream pizza carryout, a waiter at a pretentious D.C. farm to table restaurant chain, a national recruiter for plastics manufacturing jobs, an Eagle Scout leading a troop through cold mountain passes in the Adirondacks, a plant nursery yard boy. And the tutoring work, particularly, brings him to New York, along with the acting opportunities.

Amid his exploration of many jobs, he’s also been an enthusiastic teacher and an explorer of the world his whole adult life. His approach to teaching is to essentially walk side by side with a student and take an always interested look at the horizon together. Whether looking at the moons of Jupiter, the streets and trains of Manhattan on a map, the stages of the City Dionysius in Ancient Greece, or the last chapters of the latest book in an epic teen romantic fantasy, there is always something to discuss and explore that has both a meaningful impact on the rest of the world and any given individual.

Graham is a film buff, a lover of mazes, and a sci-fi aficionado. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who, but can also recite all of the U.S. states, capitals, and largest cities at the drop of a hat.

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