Gary Betsworth


Born when yet an infant, Gary Betsworth continued in his neophyte understanding of the world until forced to confront the harsh, unyielding vagaries of existence, whereupon he was forced to reconcile his Pollyannaish world-view to a sardonic paradigm (based upon his continued experiences of cruelty and repressed psychological atrocity inflicted, predominantly, upon said Betsworth by superiors within an institutionalized pedagogical hierarchy – or upon those under his interval guardianship for whom he was compelled to serve as ally despite said institutional superiors demanding  his diffidence), which prompted introspection and the eventual attainment of a Master of Fine Arts degree, during which he acquired a craft enabling him to wright dramatic literature founded upon various societal constructs, such as literature, art, psychology, history, sociology, religion, philosophy and political science, that reignited a benevolence, the likes to which even the most severe Existentialist must needs conform, manifest in the generative practices consistent to those of Fusion Academy where he now nurtures teens, who have been similarly-disaffected, and simultaneously attempts, in the colloquial, “to learn them a thing or two.”

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