Gabriela Sanchez


Gabriela graduated with her BA from Loyola Marymount University in the Fall of 2016 where she studied English and Philosophy. While attending LMU Gabriela was immediately inspired by the opportunities for service and resources for education on social justice that abounded on the beautiful bluff campus. As a Los Angeles native, it was important for her to step out of the bubble and get involved on the East Side eventually going on to hold a fellowship between LMU and Good Shepherd Shelter. After graduating she taught for a Summer at Saint Gregory the Great Elementary School, moving into the Fall as program director for the Knight’s daycare. And though these experiences were incredibly valuable and important to her journey it wasn’t until January of 2017 that her passion for one-on-one teaching would truly awaken, roused initially by a set of young students in need of a literacy intervention. She knew she needed to find a way to make this a career, find some route that lead her toward a place that valued process over progress reports, the individual over the lesson plan, somewhere were kids were not left behind but encouraged to lead the way…and that’s when she found Fusion.

As a substitute teacher at Fusion Academy, Gabriela offers support to both teachers and students, ensuring that they stay on track when life hits its speed bumps. In her free time she tends to her beautiful garden both aquatic and terrestrial, doodles, crafts, bakes, reads, writes and otherwise creates in any and every way she can. Her greatest weakness is the stationary section of any store and her greatest strength is aptly name her fish, just ask Sauce. On especially long breaks, she also loves going on long road trips with her best friend, stopping only to hike the terrain, as they explore more and more of our beautiful country.

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