Faddel Chouman

Math Teacher/Mentor

Faddel has spent most of his childhood in Beirut, Lebanon. He moved to New Jersey in 2012 to pursue a more competitive learning environment. Faddel earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Biological Sciences in 2016. He has always had a passion for teaching youth, and has been a Teaching Assistant for classes that range from kindergarten, upper level science courses, and Syrian refugee camps. He is currently exploring a career in teaching and hopes to earn his Master of Biomedical Sciences this year. He loves volunteering, and has volunteered at several different hospitals in New Jersey and the Middle East throughout the year. Faddel also enjoys exploring different foods and cultures from around the world and has been to over 20 different countries. He also hopes to compete in a bodybuilding show this year, and is working hard to achieve that goal during his free time.  ​

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