Eric Greninger

Eric will be a teacher within the Humanities Department helping students progress through various subjects. He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Monmouth University along with a minor in Geography and is currently finishing up his Masters in Public Administration at Ashford University.
Eric has worked as a Crisis Intervention Specialist and mentor with adolescents while working at Carrier Clinic. He also has dedicated his time to helping others achieve their various goals in life whether it was social, physical, emotional or educational.
Eric enjoys all sports, playing chess, working on logic puzzles, building with Legos and observing the world around him; he can’t stop learning and loves that he can now pass on these skills to his own children.
In 1997 while a junior in High school, Eric was recruited to play Junior Olympic Volleyball but turned it down to pursue his passion of Baseball while playing competitive Chess and singing in various chorus groups.

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