Emily Li


I was born and raised in China. My hometown was the capital for eight different dynasties. One of my favorite things to do growing up was visiting the Sung’s Palace and experiencing life in that time period. I came to Dallas five years ago and graduated from Dallas Baptist University with Bachelor’s in Science. 

I’ve always loved and thrived in math and science. From my math background, I was always challenged to look at a problem from various ways. Through after-school tutoring, I was able to practice and refine my teaching skills where I adapted quickly to individual learning needs, styles, and perspectives. My passion is to involve mathematical concepts into students’ passions—to make math a tool instead of just a subject. 

I love being around different cultures and learning about people. I took Spanish in college, and self-studied some Korean and ASL. I love the beauty of nature, especially having fun at the ocean and hiking trails with friends. On a typical day, I’m reading, creating a craft or taking care of my plants. 

I’m excited about joining Fusion Academy and continuing to get to know the wonderful faculty, parents, and students. 


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