Emily Jackowicz

English Teacher

Emmy is a teacher… and a learner! She is currently teaching English at Fusion Academy. She went to SUNY Geneseo, where she earned a degree in English Literature and a certification in Adolescent Education.

Emmy taught in various places with many different types of students. She left her comfort zone when she went to teach in Ghana, Africa. From then on, she has been on the move to change education.  She continued to teach in a rural mountain town, Cuba, New Mexico, and, most recently, taught in Brooklyn, New York.

Through her travels and experiences, Emmy grew a powerful understanding of differences among people: no one is right or wrong, they’re just different – and acceptance begins when differences are seen as gifts, not threats. She believes that once we accept that differences are gifts, we can begin to give the proper education to ALL students.

As Emmy’s career unfolds, her goal is to place herself in as many foreign, contrastive places as she can to learn the most about who she can be as a person, and how that can mold what she can do to help our educational society. Each teaching experience left her with views of societies and people that she carries with her to this point in her career, and now, her place on the Fusion team!

Emmy loves to travel and meet new people. But, wherever you find her in the world, she is certain that she will have a vegan doughnut and cup of coffee in her hands.

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