Edwin Elias


Columbia University, B.A. Modern European History

Attending Columbia University in the City of New York was a dream; the people, the City, and the fast pace of New York living was exactly what it was promised to be and then some. While gallivanting across the five boroughs, I did manage to graduate with a B.A. in Modern European History. However, I was ready to explore the world and left soon after. Plus the winters there were brutal.

I’ve been in the education field for over eight years; I started out in South Korea working with elementary and middle school students learn ESL, as well as, both beginner’s and master level English at the largest Samsung facility in South Korea. After returning from abroad and hoping to avoid another frigid winter for the rest of my life, I’ve rededicated myself to loving LA and establishing myself as an English-History teacher with a penchant for college planning. In addition to teaching, I’m a freelance writer working on establishing a screenwriting career in Hollywood so I can see my name lit up in a marquee coming to a theater near you soon!

Hobbies: I love camping, reading, writing, traveling every chance I get, discovering hidden gems, playing sports, and frog jumping races.

Favorite Quote:
“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” -Mark Twain

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