Edmund Costikyan

Director of Student Development

As the Director of Student Development, Ed’s mission is to ensure the positive educational experience of each Fusion student. He is the primary person for academic planning and scheduling, continuous and re-enrollment efforts, and student development.

After graduating summa cum laude with a double major in German and Classical languages, Edmund decided to follow the traditional path of withdrawing from society to live alone in Woodstock, NY for a year. He spent this completing a young adult novel which is currently undergoing the publication process. When he isn’t writing, Ed enjoys reading about medieval history and hiking with his two standard poodles. He likes to be able to read texts in their original language, which is the root of his love of foreign language learning. He is an especial a fan of Herman Hesse. Ed teaches German, Latin, Ancient Greek, and Italian, and would love the chance to introduce others to the joys of German literature, as well as ancient and medieval philosophy!

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