Dr. Katie Wolfe


Dr. Katie Wolfe comes to Fusion with over 13 years of experience in education. She began her teaching career as a middle and high school social studies teacher in South Florida and then in Central Florida.  Katie was a coach, class sponsor, and coordinator for many events at her Central Florida school. She then returned to South Florida to pursue her Master’s degree in History. During this time, she taught at numerous learning centers as well as tutored individual students 1-on-1 privately. While pursuing her Ph.D. at Florida Atlantic University, Katie taught  university level courses and worked in various academic support services roles on university campuses.

When Katie is not teaching you can find her traveling; if she is not on a trip, she is planning her next great adventure. She often hosts many game nights for friends or is often playing trivia at a local spot. She loves to hang out with her family and friends as well as her dog, Mayo!

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