David Palatsi

Homework Cafe Teacher

David joined Fusion in August of 2014 as a teacher in Fusions Homework Café. He received a Bachelors of Science Degree from Georgia State University with a degree in Music Management and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Before starting at Fusion David worked in and out of the hair salon industry for nearly 10 years, having grown up in a barbershop owned by his grandfather also named David Palatsi. He worked in salon management, retail, and held the position of Director of Financial Aid at the Aveda Institute in Atlanta, Georgia for two years giving him his first taste of working in a school atmosphere. David has an immense love for music and photography, having played in bands since his teenage years and working as a photographer in his off time to the present day. He also enjoys the arts, science/space, cooking, comics, Formula 1 racing, and tattoos.

At Fusion David brings a sense of stability to the homework café, offering students guidance and support with any and all school related activities and homework as well as helping to mentor and steer all of Fusion’s young people into a positive direction forward, ever trying to create those lasting, memorable growth moments for Fusions students on a daily basis.

David has the interesting fact of being a leap year baby, only having a real birthday every four years. Another interesting thing about David is that his great, great Grandfather was David T. Abercrombie who founded Abercrombie and Fitch. While his family sold the company nearly 100 years ago to Ezra Fitch he does take both his first and middle names from the Abercrombie lineage.

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