David Kaldenbach


David is a science and mathematics instructor at Fusion Academy Southlake. He has a passion for neuroscience and education and loves to integrate the two.

David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroimmunology from Texas Christian University where he also researched learning and memory as a postgraduate student. David loves to talk about the latest neuroscience news and topics and is very proud of his publications in the Behavioral Brain Research science journal.

David has taught science and math to students around the metroplex for the last 7 years. In addition, he has 5 years experience tutoring college-preparatory curriculum for students as well as SAT/ACT math and science preparation. David is always looking for new and better ways to teach content using the latest advancements in neuroeducation.

David enjoys gaming on home consoles and collects vintage games and consoles. He also enjoys playing guitar and listening to music, especially when his neighbors are being jerks. David loves to laugh and isn’t afraid to make a bad joke (see above). He likes to use funny faces, funny voices, and awkward silences in his attempts at comedy.

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