Daniel Wright

Assistant Director

Daniel has only one mantra: music is life. Always looking for a way to spread the understanding and joy of music, Daniel comes to Fusion to share his passion with as many students as possible. Daniel comes from a mother who has seven brothers and sisters, and a father who grew up in a family of fourteen children. One thing that all his relatives have in common is music. Daniel’s music education started when he was five years old and his mother found him at the piano trying to transpose Bb Trumpet music into concert pitch. She forced him to take piano lessons for the rest of his elementary, middle, and high school life (sometimes to his dismay). She always said, “one day, you’ll thank me.” Of course, she was right. Daniel played trombone in band all through his younger years and continued to study trombone for his BM in Music Education at San Francisco State University. In addition to trombone, Daniel performed in the University Chorus, the Funk Ensemble, the Jazz Ensemble, the Afro-Cuban Ensemble, the Percussion Ensemble, the Wind Ensemble, the Orchestra, and many other small ensembles. He continued his education at Holy Names University, where he received an MM in Music Education with emphasis in Kodaly Methodology. His student teaching at COVA in Oakland showed him that music education was the only thing he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Besides playing music and teaching whenever possible, Daniel also likes to create electronic music of all genres and speak Spanish and French with whomever is willing to alienate themselves from the rest of the group. Most people wouldn’t expect it, but Daniel can also go on for hours about the European heavy metal scene.

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