Cristina Castrillon

Language Teacher

Cristina joins Fusion Academy with passion and energy as an English and Spanish teacher. She brings with her a love for literature and writing from skills learned at Molloy College, where she received her B.A in English and Special education. Having attended a small college, she understands the virtues and academics a small school like Fusion Academy can offer. The diversity and a sense of family that Fusion offers makes it the type of school in which she would love to further her teaching career.

She comes to us from Freeport Learning Center where she taught courses in ESL, computer literacy and citizenship. She fell in love with teaching at an early age and has fond memories of teaching her family members how to speak, read and write in English. Her family comes from Colombia, a country full of rich culture and beautiful language. Having been born and raised in the US she understands how wonderful and important it is to learn a secondary language. She enjoys helping individuals to achieve the goal of mastering a secondary language. Reading is also passion for her, it started in elementary school and followed her throughout most of her academic career. It was in college where she decided that she could combine her love of literature and teaching into a career.

In her spare time she loves to take her dog Shadow out for walks and play with his friends at the dog park. She adores her two nephews and is often challenged to play Xbox with them, where she holds the gold in Kinect Sports table tennis! She loves to read and analyze anything from books, movies, TV shows and theater. She enjoys working out and can almost do one pull up!!

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