Coryn Nadeau

Assistant Director

At Fusion Academy Coryn specializes in Social and Emotional themes on campus. Coryn offers support for students, parents and teachers. Coryn conducts meetings with therapists and relays information and strategies to teachers, if appropriate. One of Coryn’s primary responsibilities within this role will be overseeing Middle School student development – providing additional concentrated support for the middle school students and their families (as we all know M.S. can be a very unique time in development). Coryn also manages and trains our East Coast Wellness Program.

Coryn was Director of Homework Café for the past 3 years at Park Avenue, where she had the wonderful experience of overseeing and managing the milieu of the school community!

Coryn Nadeau is a Licensed and Boards Certified Registered Creative Art Therapist by New York State standard. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hofstra University with a B.A. of Psychology and Fine Arts, minor concentration in Italian Literature. Coryn completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Art Therapy from Goldsmiths University of London and CW Post Long Island University. She worked as a Creative Arts Therapist, specializing with the adolescent population, in mental health facilities for over 7 years. Coryn has often integrated Trauma Informed Care, Behavioral Psychology, Person Centered, DBT and Positive Psychology in her practice. She built, designed and directed The Douglas Watt Family Fund for the Performing Arts. Which is a Broadway affiliated, non-for-profit, movement therapy program for children in NYC district 75 schools.

She has been privately contracted by advertising agencies to create campaigns for a high profile branded companies that would increase happiness in teens today. Coryn has taught Art, Dance and Psychology at a collegiate level, for various public schools, and specialty camps. She has also been employed by the English department of her previous University as a literary tutor. Coryn has practiced Creative Arts Therapy in many different countries including: Myanmar, Thailand, United Kingdom, and South Africa. Coryn hopes to empower young minds to reach a more insightful, healthy and fulfilled path in life. She is very passionate about service projects and is currently advocating utilizing the art world to yield human trafficking awareness.

Coryn grew up on a small farm in Connecticut and enjoys nature and outdoor activities. She also enjoys anything considered creative, watching documentaries, and attending live music shows. Coryn has a twin sister and is from a family of various artists.

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