Cody Pridmore


Cody is excited to come on board the HB Fusion team as a teacher of English, History, French and PE.

He studied Business at the junior college level; however after amassing all necessary credits, he decided last minute to pursue English Literature at UCLA where he graduated with his BA in 2011. Cody has tutored and taught English both in California as well as in France, and has cultivated a holistic approach to learning and teaching.

The summer after graduating university he volunteered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California performing trail maintenance. This sparked a life long interest in nature, wilderness ethics, and traditional work methods and lifestyles. Cody is a certified Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and a Leave No Trace Trainer.

In 2012 Cody moved to Paris, France with a student visa in order to study the language and be immersed in a foreign culture. There he taught children English as a foreign language until he quit Paris to travel to the south of France by working for his room and board.

His two favorite experiences are working on a Gascogne pig farm in the French Pyrenees mountains, and spending 30 days traversing the Pyrenees by himself.

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