Chuck Asche

Teacher/Mentor, History Dept. Head

Chuck Asche has over 35 years of tutoring, teaching and administrative experiences. His undergraduate and graduate degrees are from Northwestern University with post graduate work completed at Harvard, Columbia and the University of Hawaii. He is an advocate for individuals excelling in education. Chuck doesn’t understand how we can care for shirt and shoe sizes, but often in American education have failed students with a one size fits all approach.

This instructor has a passion for teaching many subjects and experiences. Chuck credits his love for history because of fantastic professors, books and travels to over 50 countries. He is an avid reader because of authors like Dickens and Cervantes addressing social issues. Scuba diving has taught Chuck to appreciate the environment and science. Snow skiing provides an avenue for learning geography. Chuck Asche has also designed a math lab, and has started an ESL program at a university working with international students and diverse cultures.

When not working, Chuck Asche spends time with his family, sings in a choir and does volunteer work in underserved settings. He loves the theater; musicals are his favorite. He adores his two dogs, two cats, fish and 54 year old parrot named JJ.

Chuck looks forward to working with your child. He wants an individual to see life as a journey not a race. Learning will be at a student’s own pace and filled with enriching experiences.

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