Christian Morehouse

Science Teacher/Mentor

Christian teaches biology and other related science courses at Fusion Academy. He first gained a love for the sciences while growing up in a small town in northern Connecticut, where he spent his days outside fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. He has always loved finding and learning about the things that crawl, creep, and swim under rocks and leaves. During this time, he also went to an arts high school, where he was in numerous productions and studied theater and movement.

After high school, while attending Wesleyan University, he decided to combine his two interests of the arts and the sciences by double majoring in dance and environmental studies. Here, he was able to find his passion for teaching as an assistant teacher in an interdisciplinary course called Choreographing Biology, which used movement and dance to enhance students’ understanding of scientific topics. While many consider this to be a strange combination, to him, it made perfect sense. He would love to have the opportunity to explore this more with interested students.

Other personal interests include marine biology and aquariums, frogs, botany, and terrariums, tap, ballet, contemporary, and modern dance, cooking, and mindful meditation. He breeds many species of frogs and propogates marine corals that he shares his apartment with, along his free-range chameleon named Sebastian. Definitely not a cuddly companion, but he loves him anyways.

At Fusion Academy, he hopes to inspire his passions within the hearts of others and instill an appreciation for scientific and artistic interest, discovery, and the natural word.

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