Chrissy Fauske

Director of Student Development

As the Director of Student Development, Christine Fauske provides a variety of scheduling, administrative, and emotional support to the students, families, and staff of Fusion.

She graduated from Goucher College, in Maryland, with her BA in Elementary and Special Education. Combining her passion for movement with education, she also became certified as a yoga instructor and personal trainer.

Prior to joining Fusion, Christine acted as an office manager for a podiatry practice. She also focused on leading yoga, group fitness, and essential oil classes. In June of 2017, she became a teacher and mentor with Fusion Academy Princeton. Her classes included English, History, Government, Personal Fitness, and Yoga. She also acted as the scheduling assistant for the Director of Student Development, which inspired her growth within the company. New to the Pacific Northwest from New Jersey, Christine is excited to bring her experiences and skills to Fusion Eastlake.

Christine enjoys outdoor activities and sports, painting and creative arts, practicing yoga and dance, as well as singing and playing her guitar. She loves photography, travel, and experiencing new cultures. She has a strong connection to her family and friends and values quality time spent with others.

Wacky Fact: Christine grew up snow skiing in the North East with her family. When she was 13 years old, the head coach of the Lake Placid Pre-Olympic Training Team invited her to join the crew. Sadly, she had to refuse, because the weekly driving distance to and from the slope was more than her family could take on. Christine still enjoys a long day on the slopes and can’t wait to shred some West Coast powder!

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