Charles Foster


Charles is from the cold Northern city of Montreal, Canada, and recently moved to the Bay Area to follow his wife, who studies Classical Archaeology. Charles grew up in a bilingual environment, speaking French at home while studying, writing, and reading in English. He completed a B.A. Honours in English Literature with a minor in History at McGill University, where his undergraduate thesis was on 20th Century Irish Short Fiction. He then moved across Canada to rainy Vancouver, where he completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia and wrote a novel about underground Québecois nationalists. Over the years Charles has acquired a variety of teaching experiences as a tutor, mentor, counselor, and teaching assistant.

Charles is excited to have joined the Fusion San Mateo team, where he shares his four great passions: books, punctuation, history, and his native tongue. When not teaching, he reads, swims laps, plays video games, and writes stories and essays.

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