Calvin Foster

Math Teacher/ Mentor

Calvin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and traveled frequently around the country. Calvin attained his Master’s degree in Pure Mathematics from Clark Atlanta University. Ironically, he loves reading and writing, and has a strong affinity for the arts. Through academics, Calvin hopes to strengthen and enrich students’ understanding and love of the STEM fields through applicable examples and fun, informative workshops and experiences.
Calvin spent much of his time during and after college working toward the enrichment of today’s youth through education.
From tutoring, to being involved in Upward Bound Programs, to working in after-school and summer programs, to being a professor, he spent much of his career engaging and influencing the academic world of students. His rapport with his students became his cherished possession and most efficient asset.
In his downtime, Calvin thoroughly enjoys films, music, and adventurous extra-curricular activities.

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