Caleb Casper


I graduated from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business and Popular Music.  I have extensively studied classical and popular piano and voice for the past two decades.  I have real world experience in the music industry–stage and studio.  My absolute favorite topic to study is music history.  Currently, in addition to teaching at Fusion, I work at Austin City Limits and I spend alot of time on projects within Austin’s music community.


While I was in school, I learned the importance of developing an understanding of all fields of study, and started my teaching career as a tutor in the college’s ‘Math Center’.  As I helped my peers prepare for tests and get through their homework, I began to realize that every single student who came to me for help could find it, depending on how I presented and approached the situation.  I learned very early that all people have the ability to learn, but sometimes the process needs to be tailored to the individual.  We are all truly unique individuals and the way we learn supports this.​  I love teaching here at Fusion because our philosophy is built around this same idea.

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