Bradley Efford


Brad recently moved to Austin from Richmond, Virginia, where he was teaching at an all-boys middle school. He’s lived in Virginia his whole life until now, other than a year spent working with student volunteers in Missoula, Montana that opened his eyes to the breathtaking wonders of the gnarly mountained West. He has an MFA in creative writing, and has published poetry, stories, and essays in a number of journals across the country. His first and biggest passion, though, is music, and while he doesn’t play an instrument (more than competently), he collects and listens to records voraciously. Recently, he founded and has been editing The RS 500, a music-writing project publishing work from more than 40 contributors inspired by albums on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. He has a tuxedo cat named Louie—in fact, his favorite animal is the domestic house cat. He will play board games with you anytime, anywhere.

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