Baruch Prince

Director of Homework Cafe

As the Director of Homework café, Baruch helps students reach their academic goals while promoting creative thinking. Baruch believes that by exposing students to an educational experience that is designed to encompass a range of philosophies, we are preparing such individuals to tackle the multiple facets and climates of our culture.

Baruch graduated from California State University Long Beach where he earned a BFA in Photography, and subsequently completed his Teaching Credential Program.

In his free time Baruch loves being involved in art, both producing and appreciating it. Being born and raised in Mexico his love for soccer and Latin cuisine were destined. If you don’t find him playing or watching soccer you’ll find him following grandma’s recipes.

A little known fact about Baruch is that he loves being around dogs and has four of his own: Rex, Lily, Otto, and Olive.

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