Anya Lindahl

Teacher/Mentor & Learning Specialist

Anya works at Fusion as our Special Education Lead and a Science Teacher.  She went to Rutgers University New Brunswick for her undergrad work and double majored in Sociology and Communication. She continued her education at the graduate level at Kean University with a major in Special Education. Anya has taught in the public school system for over 7 years. She has also worked as an activist for LGBTQ equality which is one of her life passions. Anya is an animal lover. She believes in the importance of rescuing animals in need. She is a  nature lover but admits that she is a homebody at heart. For her, nothing beats a rainy night with her family and a good Melissa McCarthy movie. When asked to describe an embarrassing moment, Anya could not pick one as she admits that she usually embarrasses herself at least once a day.

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