Anne Cormia

Psychology/Science Teacher

Anne received her Masters of Science in Applied Forensic Psychology from the University of York in York, UK. She also has a BA in Psychology and a BA in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Mills College in Oakland, California. While at Mills College, she found a love for teaching and mentoring while TAing gender studies courses, helping to run The Walrus Literary Journal, and working in the Mills Cognition Laboratory. She still operates as a research assistant and mentor with the laboratory, conducting research that focuses on bias and jury decision-making.

Anne is an avid hiker and rock climber. She was born in California, but has lived in Utah, Montana, Ireland, and England. When she’s not climbing walls or trekking through redwood groves, she enjoys baking, tinkering with small airplanes, and inspecting dusty corners of bookstores’ science fiction sections.

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