Anika Castell


Anika attended The University of Connecticut where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences and Society.

Her dream was to work in the healthcare field, but she discovered a new passion. Her love for traveling led her to postponing her career and focused on traveling to different parts of the world. On a trip to Beijing, she met new friends at a Reggae Club, most were foreign teachers teaching English to locals. They shared their enjoyment of teaching abroad and insisted she apply for the open position. She was recruited by an agency abroad, but declined the offer. Instead, she came back to the USA and taught at a public middle school.

 In 2017, Anika was offered a Science teacher positon at an educational staffing agency so she moved from Connecticut to New Jersey. It was a difficult transition at first to be away from friends and family that she grew up with, but her fiancé and his family were welcoming so it put her at ease.

 Outside of Fusion, Anika works part time in the evenings as a behavioral specialist providing behavior assistance and respite services for autistic youth. She enjoys the in home services because they give families extra support.

 Anika still travels the world, dedicating her summers to visiting a new country. She enjoys walking her dog Brian, shopping, and dining at various restaurants. She would like to learn to play the guitar, but hasn’t signed up for lessons yet.

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