Andrew McGinnis


Andrew grew up in Arlington, TX and attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he studied mathematics and philosophy. While at UTA, Andrew tutored students in everything from arithmetic to proofs, met his wife, and even published a paper with a name too long and convoluted to mention here. After graduating, Andrew moved to Riverside, California to study math in graduate school. When he was not learning math, he was teaching math, going to the beach, or sneaking into undergraduate literature classes to learn more about the Beat Generation.

After graduating with his master’s degree in mathematics, Andrew and his wife moved to Charlottesville, VA where Andrew directed a newly-opened tutoring center. Soon they both began missing the Lone Star State and their families, so they moved back to DFW. Andrew was eager to begin teaching again and was lucky enough to find a home at Fusion.

Andrew loves reading books that make him think or feel, driving up California’s PCH with the windows down, and playing games to win.  


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